Hi, I'm Bianca. I'm a 16 year old crazy, creative and dauntless teenager who believes in the beauty and goodness inside every person.

Blocmates yay

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20 facts abt me:
1. Current BS Nutrition student at the University of the Philippines Los Banos
2. I’m a sadist so I do love Math (pardon).
3. I have a mom who is more of a teenager than me (my friends know this) and a dad who cooks the greatest chicken adobo in the world.
4. Eldest child and so I tend to be “mabunganga” at home and super OC
5. definitely prettier than my sister (tho maganda siya minsan umangle hahaha jk)
6. I’m currently inlove with highlighters and little notebooks.
7. Most of the time, when bored at school, I draw my professors in the best way I could but they always end up looking ugly (so maybe that’s destiny jk)
8. I can do short or long walks as long as I have somebody to talk to.
9. I use scratch papers when reviewing bec that’s my only way of saving the earth (did i just say that? Hahaha)
10. I’ve got three boxes full of letters and memorabilias from highschool and I have no intentions of throwing them away. (Sepanx)
11. I don’t like cheek kisses and long hugs. I admit I have no sweetness in my body.
12. Got addicted to trilogies last summer so I finished the Ignite Me book 3 in just a night.
13. My friends tell me that I’m so good in writing sincere & long letters that can make a person cry. Idk how I do that
14. So proud I can cross streets now w/o somebody accompanying me. Ha, things college do.
15. Making a to do list of everything is my thing.
16. Turning 17 in less a month (can’t believe I’m not getting any younger!!)
17. Grammar nazi (sometimes)
18. I want to travel the Philippines first before going abroad or anything else. Bayan muna bago lahat! (Lol)
19. Noisy and crazy when I’m with my friends
20. Running out of clothes coz college

Life has been pretty amazing these past few weeks and for all I know, it’s been three weeks since college started. It all happened in a blur but I know deep inside me that I’ve changed for the better. I got to meet tons of new friends more than I expected. My dormates were so fun to be with and the same goes with my blocmates. I got to experience school in a different level. It’s not like high school anymore. I wake up late in the morning three times a week and I love it. I choose what I eat in any time of the day and still know how to budget thy allowance. I get to walk and talk for myself, cross across streets that were part of my childish fears and survive the hot day with tan lines. All of these are parts of my so-called “independent life”. It’s really nice to ponder on that college created a whole new world for me, away from all fears, distractions and dilemmas that once hindered me to grow. 

First Week of College

Elbi life in bullets:

  • got to meet new friends through my blocmates and dormates (they’re super fun to be with)
  • super hassle to go from one bldg to the next bldg bec of the hot temperature; good thing there’s still fresh air
  • my umbrella got broke so hello tan lines
  • didn’t get homesick (maybe because i’ve been there for many times)
  • learned how to budget between meals and to get independent (srsly)
  • got the need to have more memorizing powers ‘cause i meet new people almost everyday and after a minute i’ll forget their names again (hehe sorry)
  • This week was fun and i’m hoping for more for the next days weeks and years to come!!

Since college is just a week away (or less), maybe I’ll start blogging again. I was hiatus for weeks because I can’t find something in me to share about. I just realized that even if I took for granted my four month vacation, when the real classes start, I’ll always look back on these unstressful nights I spent. And um, to be honest, I was never expecting this new feeling I discovered in me. I am all excited and afraid with all of these changes — excited that I’ll be seeing new and good and witty people around the campus and afraid that there is a bigger and bolder world stored for me in the next four years. But nonetheless, I’m glad that sooner or later, I’ll be going out of my zones and I’ll be able to share the craziness and creativity inside me. Hopefully.

♔ the “pacute” little me 😁😁

do you ever just wonder if there’s someone who secretly thinks about you and wants to talk to you but doesn’t know how

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Note to parents:
1. Don’t ever again compare us to other people. We’ve had enough mistakes for us to learn and contemplate. We dont need any other thing to lessen our self esteem.

2. It’s okay to be strict, but not that strict. You need to trust us as much as we put our trust in you.

3. But in the end, still, we will always love you.

Yesterday w/ these girls (c) joey


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